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Camper Trailers for Sale Sydney

The Best Camper Trailers for Sale in Sydney

Outdoor camping is an experience unlike any other, allowing you to escape the busy city life while taking in the best that nature has to offer. A quality camper trailer offers the perfect way to enjoy a camping trip. Star Vision offers a range of used camper trailers for sale in Sydney.

We take great pride in our range of quality camper trailers that are easy to set up, boast the best of features and are affordably priced. Now everyone can afford a camper trailer for we have a premium quality trailer to suit every budget. What’s more, with our used camper trailers for sale in Sydney, you can strike a real bargain and start Livin’ the Dream!

Hard Floor Camper Trailers

When you are looking to take your home along with you on your trips, a hard floor camper trailer from Star Vision is what you need. Our rear-folding hard floor camper trailers aim to offer all the comforts of home including a fridge, a cooktop, running water and more. We offer a fine selection of hard floor campers to suit your requirements. Visit our showroom today to take your pick from our range of hard floor camper trailers.

Forward Folding Camper Trailers

Our forward folding campers are compact, lightweight and offer the perfect escape for two people. These campers are ideal for small families and couples. When you want the best of comforts in a compact camper, our forward folding camper trailers offer the perfect solution.

Hybrid Camper Trailers

Star Vision brings to you a one-of-a-kind experience with our new range of pop top campers. These off-road campers offer the best of comfort and luxury without compromising safety. When you are looking for an off-road camper that is lightweight, compact and yet offers the best experience, look no further.

Rear Folding Camper Trailers

Star Vision rear folding campers are a wonderful pick when you’re looking for an adventure without pinching your pockets. Our rear folds are agile, robust, stylish and offer a quick, 2-minute set-up. Get one of these beauties and enjoy your holidays without any hassle. Holidays are comfortable, enjoyable and trouble-free with Star Vision campers.

Off Road Camper Trailers

We also offer a range of camper trailers that are specially designed for the road less taken. When you’re out exploring the country or the Outback, Star Vision off road campers will keep you perfect company, offering everything you need to stay comfortable and safe no matter where you are.

Visit Our Camper Trailers Sydney Showroom Today

At Star Vision, every camper trailer features all the comforts and luxuries of home. When you are out camping in our campers, you won’t have to sweat it out. Enjoy all the amenities you enjoy at your home even when you’re on a road trip in a Star Vision camper trailer. Each camper features beds, kitchen amenities, drinking water, massive storage and more.

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