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Camper Trailer Hire Australia

Premium Camper Trailers for Hire in Australia

Star Vision offers camper trailers rentals across Australia. Whether you are looking for a hard floor camper trailer hire, off-road camper trailer or a hybrid caravan, we’ve got you covered.

As Australia’s leading manufacturer of camper trailers, we build tough, comfortable and extremely easy to use camper trailers. So when you hire one of our camper trailers, you can expect an easy, luxurious and comfortable camping experience.

With Star Vision camper trailer rentals, your camping experience will be unlike any other. Our camper trailers are super easy to set up so you can focus on your holiday rather than spending hours setting up camp.

Our camper trailers come equipped with all the features you need to make your camping trip a joy. From a cooktop, fridge and bedding to entertainment system, storage and power outlet, our camper trailers for hire in Australia will have you covered no matter where you are camping.

Quality Camper Trailers for Rent

At Star Vision, we feel that camping is the best way to enjoy your holiday in Australia. Our great country boasts some of the best camping spots in the world. You get some fabulous views without pinching your pockets. Now that’s a deal few can refuse.

From the fabulous outback to the serene coastline, Australia offers so much to explore. Make your camping trips a joy and absolute fun by hiring a Star Vision camper trailer. Whether you are exploring the sunny coastline or going on bushwalks across Australia’s national parks, our camper trailers will keep you company.

We offer camper trailers for on-road as well as off-road driving. Set-up is super simple and takes less than 2 minutes, making them a perfect choice no matter whether you are an experienced camper or a complete novice.

So when you are looking to rest in the lap of nature, simply hire one of our camper trailers to take with you no matter where you plan to spend the night – outback, ocean, beach or rainforest.

Trusted Best Camper Trailer Rental Service

If you’ve never used a camper trailer before, fret not. Our team would be happy to provide free training to ensure you are up to speed and ready to set up your camper trailer when you arrive at the campsite.

Our camper trailers have been designed with comfort and ease in mind. You can easily set up camp in less than 2 minutes with Star Vision camper trailers. Packing up is just as easy.

What’s more, we thoroughly check each camper trailer and clean it completely after every hire. This assures you of a premium experience from start to finish.

Contact Us for Assistance

Need some expert advice on choosing the right camper trailer rental? Perhaps you need some training on how to set up your camper trailer? Our friendly team is happy to assist. Call 1300 783 318 now.

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