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Camps Australia Wide: Free & Budget Campsites

Camps Australia Wide: Free & Budget Campsites

In this blog post we’ll talk about Camps Australia Wide, the super helpful book, first published in 2001 that provided travelers around Australia with a reliable guide to some of the best camping spots our country has to offer. We will give you a little bit of a back-story as to how they came about and how they’re going to be relevant for you. Camps Australia is your guide to traveling Australia, no matter where you go or what your budget.

Camps Australia Wide was born in 2001 after Phil Procter travelled Australia for 8 years, documenting and taking notes on his travels of everything one might consider when camping and caravanning. Upon his completion of his travels, Phil had gathered enough information from his stays to put together a database. That was 18 years ago, and since then, Camps Australia Wide has grown exponentially.

Camps Australia Wide has changed hands a few times since 2001, with each family in ownership continuing on, travelling Australia and personally reviewing each and every site along their journeys to take home and bring to you in the form of their many books, growing with each edition. The most recent of which is Camps 10 featuring over 5000 free and budget camp-sites and preceded by the fifth edition of Caravan Parks 5. Both of these can be purchased from their website, as either a bundle or separately depending on your needs available here.

Alternatively, they also have a mobile app you can download to your phone or tablet for a yearly subscription fee of $9.99. This can be a great alternative for a fraction of the cost.
The benefit to the mobile application is the ability to set criteria, such as region, price, offline maps and presets for sites that allow pets so you don’t have to leave your dog/s behind.
For more information, visit the Camps App website.

At Star Vision Campers & Caravans, we want to wish you all the best on your travels and hope this brief article was helpful. Whether you travel in one of our value for money camper trailers, our Hybrid Campers, or off-road Caravans, there is no better way to explore this great country of ours than in a Star Vision Camper or Caravan. Why not start “Livin’ the Dream” today!

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