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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still open during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, our Star Vision showrooms are open during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can change, so we recommend that you call the local showroom near you to confirm opening times and stock levels. Please find our trading hours on the Showroom page.

Regarding the pandemic, we have put in safety measures to help protect customers and staff (with hand sanitizer stations, regularly spraying down surfaces, and maintaining proper social distancing practices). At camper handovers, we are wiping down the campers with anti-bacterial solution prior to handover.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, if and when the situation changes we will update everyone through our Facebook page, our website and our email newsletter.

Where are your campers manufactured?

All our campers are manufactured in our overseas facilities. The camper trailers are then assembled in our Melbourne workshop and go through a full pre-delivery check.

The hybrid and off-road caravans are virtually complete when they arrive at our showrooms. However, there is some minor assembly required such as the front boxes that hold the gas bottles and Jerry cans and things like awnings, spare wheels etc.

All of these units go on our hoists here in Australia and the wheels are removed with bearings, brakes etc being checked and a wheel alignment completed.

How does your online ordering of campers work?

To order a camper online is a fairly straightforward procedure. Your payment is fully refundable if you change your mind leading up to 14 days before the scheduled pick up or delivery.

If we don't currently have stock of the model you are looking for, this will allow us to place an order against our factory to ensure timely delivery. If you do change your mind after we have placed an order against our factory then there is no problems, we will just keep that unit at our showroom for stock sale to other customers.

For further information on exactly how this works, then head over to our Online Shop webpage here for details:

Is my vehicle capable of towing a camper/caravan?

A range of vehicles can tow our camper trailers and caravans. However, it is always recommended that you check the owners manual for specific details regarding the vehicle's particular tow ball capacity, TARE weight and Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM).

The difference between ATM and the TARE weight will be your payload i.e., how much weight you can add to your camper. You will need to keep in mind that having your water tank/s filled, gas bottles loaded, Jerry cans of fuel or extra water and a fridge will take up some of this payload.

The most accurate way to ensure you are not exceeding your ATM is to take your trailer to your nearest public weighbridge and get it weighed. You should be able to find your nearest weighbridge through a Google search.

Are your campers designed for full off-road use?

Yes, all our campers are designed for full off-road use. Our campers can pretty much go anywhere your 4WD can, on beaches or rugged off-road tracks.

They come standard with trailing arm independent suspension, twin shock absorbers and coil springs. We use McHitch universal drop-on couplings on all our models. These come supplied by us with the mating tapered tow-pin that has a screw thread at the top to lock it down and a hitch pin to provide a further level of security. We fit this tapered tow-pin to your vehicle at camper pickup. There is no need to take your existing tow ball off as we will do that as well.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, Star Vision does offer finance. You can fill out a basic website form here: or call 1300 783 318 and select the finance option.

We use a broker who will gather some basic information to best match your circumstances with the appropriate lender. This service is free of obligation and does not affect your credit score.


Do your campers come standard with a braking system?

Yes. All our campers have a TARE weight above 750kg and all trailers above 750kg must have a braking system by law.

All our campers come standard with electric brakes. These are activated by the use of an Electronic Brake Controller that you need to get fitted to your vehicle (if you don't already have one). Once fitted you then dial up the appropriate amount of braking on the trailer, using the remote dial control to match the braking of your vehicle. The electrical signal goes from the brake controller through the 7pin plug on the camper and to the electric brakes. The aim is that both vehicles are braked around the same time and with the same force. We recommend the Ironman 4x4 brake controllers as a good value for money option:


Where can I get spare parts?

Star Vision does keep some spare parts. It is best to call the Victorian headquarters on 1300 783 318 and selecting the Victorian support phone or you can email

Do you sell soft floor camper trailers?

No. We only sell hard floor camper trailers and hybrids. All our campers are designed for full-off road use.

Can you keep me up to date with your latest specials?

Yes, we certainly can. If you are on Facebook then you can like our Facebook page to keep up to date with the many specials that Star Vision run on a monthly.

You also subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter by sending an email to

Do you rent out your campers?

Unfortunately we are not set up to rent out our campers.

We recommend that if you wanted to "try before you buy" that you try Camplify, which is a similar company to Aribnb but only for campers. Their website is here:

Are your prices drive-away?

It is best to check with your nearest showroom to find out whether registration and on road costs are included in the final price. This does vary from state to state. Here is the website link to all our showrooms:

Can you transport directly to remote customers?

Yes we can arrange transportation to your nearest transportation depot.

It is best to call your nearest Showroom to get an approximate quote before placing your order.