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Special Offer: $500 cash bonus for customers ordering online (T&Cs apply).

Once your deposit has been paid we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the camper in detail, and any options you may require. When we have this information we will then send you an invoice with a date for pick up.

Leading up to the pickup of your camper, you can modify your order at any time or continue to discuss further details about the camper. You can even change to a different model if you find your needs or wants have changed.

On the day of handover we will take around 30mins with you, providing a full demonstration of its operation and will then hitch it to your vehicle. There is no need to take your existing tow ball off your vehicle as we will do this for you.

For further details on the Hydra CX2 please click the link below:

Hydra CX2 Deposit