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Why You Need an Off Road Camper Trailer in Australia

Why You Need an Off Road Camper Trailer in Australia

When you choose a camping site to go in Australia, it is not uncommon that you’ll find many campgrounds with plenty of deserts, forests, beaches and wild mountains. Driving to these kinds of places is quite a challenging because road situation there is always tough and unfriendly; however, if you hold an off road camper trailer, the story will be totally different. Having an off road vehicle, you are able to go almost everywhere to start your camping trip. You can enjoy unusual beautiful sceneries, exciting driving experience and a feeling that you owned the whole world. There are many unsealed roads and tracks in those campsites. If you can drive through them, that means you will have a chance to escape the crowds and find a place to begin your camping quietly and peacefully and it’s a place only for you to enjoy. With your off road camper trailer, when there are no sealed roads, the real adventure starts, and the sky is the limit to you. You can travel to the deep heart of every camp site and explore the most exciting place to see the most special view!

Can’t wait to go? Here are two campsites for you to start your off road trip:

  1. Gibb River Road

Gibb River Road is suitable for those who like wild adventures. Its outback tracks are full of wildness and very challenging. Gibb River Road has unique geological formations and natural beauty and rare flora as well as fauna.

Gibb River Road“, by Phil Whitehouse, is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Address: Gibb River Road, the Kimberley, WA

  1. Lincoln National Park

At Lincoln national park, you will find some of the best dunes on the Sleaford to Wanna sand dune track. There are also plenty of different campgrounds, viewpoints, beaches, walking trails to explore. It’s a wonderful place to spend many nights camping.

Costal track, Lincoln National Park“, by Macropod, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Donington Road, Sleaford, SA 5607

At Star Vision, we provide premium off road camper trailers to help you achieve your wild dreams. Our CX series compact hybrid off road camper trailers and our folding off road camper trailers are very suitable to drive on all kinds of tough roads and are specially designed for Australian off road environments. Every camper trailer at Star Vision is equipped with SV Independent Suspension. SV independent suspension has been designed exclusively to make your Star Vision camper trailer more efficient to reduce the impact when driving off-road in Australia. It provides you with comfortable, safe, and stable driving, which ensures your camping trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Although driving off road is fantastic, you still need to remember that safety comes first. Please drive as slowly as possible and as fast as necessary. Don’t drive at night and always bring enough supplies. In addition, you need to admit defeat. When you find a path difficult to drive through, back off and find a new way. We hope you have a wonderful off road camping experience!

Ready to get your own off road camper?

If your family and you are thinking about having an excellent camping experience in the future, getting yourself an off road camper will definitely help you a lot. Contact Star Vision Campers & Caravans today by calling 1300 783 318 for more information.

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