We are a 100% Australian owned company who have been specializing in hybrid off-road caravans and camper trailers for over a decade.

Our vision is to create campers and caravans that are unique to the market and still allow us to deliver both great quality and exceptional value. With an ability to design and build our own range, this gives us an edge in the market.

Star Vision started in 2009 with our range of campers in which we had immense success. As we grew and expanded, we realised there was a massive opportunity in the market for hybrid caravans. Not just hybrids – we went a different route and created a full range of hybrid off-road caravans, that are light weight and made for the Australian outback. This really saw the company grow in a big way with new showrooms opening to cater for our expanding range and customer base.

We continue to lead the market in off-road hybrids and strive to build the best lightweight hybrids that is unique to our design range – especially for those who want to explorer in comfort, take the untravelled path and enjoy this part of the world we call home.


All our campers and caravans are manufactured overseas in facilities that we own and are outfitted in local facilities. We are proud to say that all our facilities are 100% Australian owned – giving our customers the peace of mind they are getting a product that meets all Australian industry standards. We use both Australian locally sourced and imported component.