There is an overwhelming number of options when looking into purchasing a camper trailer, hybrid, or caravan. Among all the different brands and layouts to choose from, you also need to consider the capabilities you want your van to have. Whether you are after a semi off-road, fully off-road, or just something simple and highway appropriate – your options are endless.

Here at Star Vision our entire range of camper trailers, hybrids and caravans all have off-road capabilities. So here is a list of benefits to why you should consider purchasing an off-road camper:


Off-road campers have a higher ground clearance than other regular campers. When you are travelling off-road there are a range of obstacles that you may face – holes, bumps, fallen trees, or water crossings. Having a higher ground clearance will not only allow you to maneuver over or through these obstacles but also reduce the chances of getting a tear or destroying the undercarriage of your camper.


Along with a higher ground clearance, off-road campers also have bigger tyres and better suspension. This will not only be much more comfortable on those bumpy roads; but all these elements combine to allow you to travel off the beaten track with greater ease and will allow you to find those scenic, remote camping locations, free from other people.


Due to the high amount of impact that off-road campers may come up against, they are made to withstand tough and harsh conditions. With a robust design, you know they are ready to take you to amazing locations. It will also give you the peace of mind, that when you do come up against a tough track that your van can handle whatever the Australian outback has to offer.


Having an off-road camper means the addition of extra storage space. You don’t need to be constrained by what you can fit in your car. Additional space means not just bringing the necessities but bringing the luxuries and extra provisions – making your camping trip a longer, more enjoyable one. Just remember to double check your weights, to reduce the chance of overloading your van. 

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During the busy camping seasons, it can be difficult to find a camping spot that has a limited number of people, or even no people. Most off-road campers are equipped with an annex, which connects to the awning and body of your camper. This creates a whole new addition to your camper – allowing you to have an indoor/outdoor area, giving you more privacy and protection.

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To conclude, an off-road camper trailer, hybrid or caravan does have a couple of advantages over semi off-road and regular campers. Ultimately it comes down to the needs you require your van to have and your budget. But an off-road van does have the appeal with their ability to get you to those remote and scenic campsites!

Looking to purchase your next camper trailer, or hybrid caravan? Give Star Vision Campers & Caravans a call today on 1300 783 318 and start living’ the dream!

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