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5 Reasons to Buy a Pop Up Camper

5 Reasons to Buy a Pop Up Camper


Pop up campers are very popular nowadays among people for camping. A pop up camper is a hybrid type between caravan and camper trailer. Therefore, it has advantages of both these two camping vehicles, and it focuses more on small families. There are a lot of reasons people use pop up campers for camping versus other camping vehicles.  Here are the top 5 reasons why pop up campers are great:

  1. Pop up campers are easy to set up

Unlike a fold camper trailer, a pop up camper is designed for quick and easy setup. Once you get to a campground, you can just open the tent areas up and you are ready to start your camping without any concerns. After your camping, you can easily pull down the roof, take your camper and go.

  1. Pop up campers are affordable

Pop up campers are usually cheaper than caravans. They are the first trying not to camp in a tent, and for many people, they are a wise choice. You can also save money when you are able to park your pop up campers at home because they are not too huge.

  1. Pop up campers are suitable for family

They are easy to clean. You don’t need to clean tents anymore, which is always a nightmare after every camping. The hard sides can be cleaned up simply just like cleaning your cars.

Speaking of facilities, pop up campers have come a long way. Think about things like air conditioning, toilets, showers, and running hot water. No matter what convenience you need, you can find a model that suits your needs. With the pop up camper, all of the cooking, bedding items can be stored inside it. Even some common food staff like coffee, salt, sugar, and syrup can be stored as well.

Pop up camper CX3 inside

These features make pop up campers very popular with families having children.

  1. Pop up campers use lightweight design

Pop up campers are very lightweight and can be towed easily or placed on a ferry so they can take you to places where huge camping vehicles may not be able to go. You don’t have to buy a new vehicle to tow your pop up camper. Instead, you can use your family car to tow them very easily. In many communities, you are not allowed to park your large camping vehicles in driveways or properties. Alternatively, a pop up camper can be parked in a garage or a house yard.

  1. Pop up campers are secure

When your tent trailer is closed at the campground, it’s safe because the sides are hard and the door can be locked, which is very effective to prevent animals and thieves from trying to get into your camper. Even though the pop up camper top is still cloth, it will make you feel much safer than in the tent at night during camping.

At Star Vision, we provide a variety of pop up campers and they are all affordable with good quality.
To find more details of Star Vision pop up campers, you can just click the link below:

Ready to get your own pop up camper?

If your family and you are thinking about having an excellent camping experience in the future, getting yourself a pop up camper will definitely help you a lot. Contact Star Vision Campers & Caravans today by calling 1300 783 318 for more information.

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