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The Best 8 Free Camping Sites to visit in Victoria

The Best 8 Free Camping Sites to visit in Victoria

In Australia, you can enjoy beautiful scenery everywhere. Driving with your camper trailer or caravan during the day and staying at the campsite at night is just the perfect combination. Many friends may worry that the camping cost is very high but don’t worry! Here we will give the best 8 free camping sites in Victoria to you:

  1. Pioneer Bridges Rest Area

This great little camping area is located alongside the Ovens River. It’s quiet and beautiful so it is a good spot for a picnic, swimming, and fishing. Dogs welcome.

Address: 285 Markwood-Everton Rd, Markwood VIC 3678

  1. The Poplars Camping Ground

This excellent campsite offers various camping by the Loch River. The atmosphere of the camping ground is very quiet, relaxing and cheerful. The camping area provides toilets, picnic tables, and shelters, which is an awesome place you must visit.

Address: 670 Loch Valley Rd, Loch Valley VIC 3833

  1. Mt Franklin Reserve

Mt Franklin Reserve is located north of the pretty small town – Daylesford. There is a small crater here, so it has an amazing landscape. This place is very family-friendly with drop toilets, glorious trees, and beautiful birds. In addition, it is one of the best free camping places in autumn in Victoria.

Mount Franklin Crater”, by Peterdownunder, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: 4 Powells Ln, Mount Franklin VIC 3461

  1. Greens Lake Recreation Reserve Campground

This campground is a free camp located just off the Midland Highway with picnic tables, rubbish bins, and public toilets. It is a great place for families who enjoy water sports and kids love it very much. The attractive lake landscape will make your camping amazing.

Address: Corop VIC 3559

  1. Plantation Campground

Plantation Campground offers 30 campsites for tents, camper trailers, caravans, and campervans with toilets, shower facilities, and picnic tables. There are many interesting places around the campsite, such as rock cave adventure areas, magnificent waterfalls for viewing and some great spots to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Address: Mt Zero Rd, Halls Gap VIC 3381

  1. Hawkesdale Apex Campsite

This awesome free camping spot is excellent for an overnight camp, with clean toilets and a free cold shower. In addition, it is a very good place to visit and learn about the town’s history. The campsite is very quiet and peaceful, so it’s a great place for reading, walking, and swimming.

Address: 2621 Penshurst-Warrnambool Rd, Hawkesdale VIC 3287

  1. Meredith Park Camping Grounds

Meredith Park is located southwest of Melbourne city, which is an awesome place to enjoy cycling in the countryside. This campsite by the lake is characterized by its tranquil lake views and the special sunset. Additionally, It’s also a very popular fishing spot with picnic areas, toilets, and barbecue grills.

Lake Colac
Lake Colac”, by Ferylbob, is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: 175 Meredith Park Rd, Ondit VIC 3249

  1. Sharps Camping Area

This is a tiny campsite but very lovely, calm and peaceful. It’s a great spot to camp with good walk trails nearby. There are no amenities here at all whereas there is a picnic area around 1km down the road with toilets and BBQ grills. You can find various pretty parrots everywhere besides there are also koalas and kangaroos.

Address: Lorne VIC 3232

Ready to enjoy your next camping?

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