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5 Reasons Why a Hybrid Camper Could be an Option for You

5 Reasons Why a Hybrid Camper Could be an Option for You

What is a hybrid camper (or hybrid caravan)?

A hybrid camper is a mix between a camper trailer and a caravan. It combines the easy-to-go benefits of a camper trailer with the comforts and luxuries of a caravan. Hybrid campers are becoming more popular in Australia and you will see more hybrid campers coming out such as the PX series and the CX series at Star Vision Campers.

Below we point out 5 key reasons why people should choose hybrid campers:

1. You will have most of the comforts of home, while camping

Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons people choose a hybrid camper over a traditional camper trailer is the comfort and convenience, which will make you feel at home during camping. They often have are built-in features, such as beds, dining tables, solar panels, air conditioning, hot water, shower and toilets, which can make your camping life more a lot comfortable. Also, the kitchen of a hybrid camper is usually very spacious and well organized which makes for a great cooking experience.

CX3 Inside
Star Vision Hybrid Off Road Camper CX3 Inside
Hybrid Camper
Star Vision Hybrid Pop Up Camper PX2 Kitchen

2. Provides great security at you campsite. 

Hybrid campers are equipped with lockable doors, which means you and your items are very secure during your camping. The floor and side walls are hard and solid, which is effective in preventing wild animals or thieves from trying to enter your camper. Because hybrid campers are sealed properly and lockable, you will sleep easier knowing you are safe with protections around you. During camping, safety comes first so that’s why safety features are so essential.

Star Vision Camper PX2
Star Vision Hybrid Pop Up Camper PX2 Outlook

3. Setup is simple and quick

A hybrid camper is very easy to set up and most facilities in a hybrid camper are built-in with everything ready to go. Unlike a traditional camper trailer, you don’t need to set up the tent every time, which will save you plenty of time. Furthermore, hybrid campers are always with the pop up floor, which is very simple to open and close.

Star Vision Hybrid Compact Camper CX1 Outlook

4. Lightweight design and easy to tow

The size of a hybrid camper is medium and you can go with it to almost everywhere in Australia because you don’t need to worry about that some small campgrounds cannot have your camper in. Its weight is lower than a normal big caravan, so it is more simple to tow. Most hybrid campers can be towed by your common family car. Additionally, parking is not difficult at all. You can just park your lightweight camper in your garage or yard.

5. Off road capability

Because hybrid campers are not as huge as motorhomes and big caravans, they are more capable to endure Australian off road conditions. With the lightweight design, it can be driven smoothly and swiftly. In addition, at Star Vision Campers, we provide SV independent suspension for every camper. SV independent suspension has been designed exclusively to make your Star Vision camper trailer more efficient to reduce the impact when driving off-road in Australia. It provides you with comfortable, safe, and stable driving, which ensures your camping trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Ready to get your own hybrid camper?

If your family and you are thinking about having an excellent camping experience in the future, getting yourself a hybrid camper will definitely help you a lot. Contact Star Vision Campers & Caravans today by calling 1300 783 318 for more information.

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