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5 Great Backyard Camping Ideas during Coronavirus

5 Great Backyard Camping Ideas during Coronavirus

Due to the global panic caused by COVID-19, the current world is very chaotic. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, please be assured that this is a very normal reaction. Therefore, it is important to relax and spend some time on self-care. It’s a good idea to start your backyard camping at home. Here are 5 excellent ideas for your backyard camping during coronavirus:

  1. Build the campsite
Set your camper trailer up in your backyard

Treat your backyard as an original campground. Take the tent outside and find a smooth, flat surface to begin. Everyone can participate, whether it is to set up the tent, untie the sleeping bag or prepare the inside of the tent. Because you are very close to your house, it is no need to check supplies. If you really need extra comfort, there is no harm in bringing out an inflatable air cushion to provide a comfortable experience when you sleep. Also, it is great to set your camper trailer up in your backyard, which will give you more convenience and make yourself feel like you are in a real camping site.

  1. Have a campfire
Have a campfire

If you are already in the backyard, why not try the BBQ as dinner, right? Therefore, having a campfire seems very important. Sitting by a campfire is one of the best funs to camp. If you already have a fire pit in your backyard, congratulations, you can enjoy your backyard BBQ easily. If you do not have one, then you should consider creating one but be careful and, follow safety instructions not to burn the community. During your camping dinner, you can list your family’s favourite campfire songs and use a spoon or pan to keep the beat.

  1. Plan for camping activities
backyard camping activities
Trying some fun sport games during the backyard camping

During your backyard camping, it’s nice to bring your board games outside, enjoy your games in the afternoon sunshine. Of course, trying some fun sport games is also a good idea. People of all ages can play badminton, basketball, and other games. If you sit around a campfire, then why not start to tell a story? Or tell a story in the round, and each person takes turns to move forward based on the story. If the child is old enough to hear some weird stories, then everyone sits around the fire and see who can tell the best ghost story, which will be an exciting night. Stargazing is also a popular camping activity. With the darkness shrouded in the sky, you can try to identify common constellations.

  1. Make yourself feel like stay outdoor

Prepare all your stuff in advance to ensure that the backyard activity feels like a real camping event, so you don’t need to come back to your house every few minutes. Organize everything you need for sleeping overnight, including sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, flashlights, snacks and drinks. Some families may decide to break the camping tradition and eat indoors at the dining table. If you do this, please follow that don’t watch TVs and don’t use computers or other electronic devices. Once you have mastered all the essentials, conclude an agreement that everyone should only go in emergencies and toilets to make it feel like a real outdoor camping trip.

  1. Strengthen family bonds
family bonds
It’s a good chance to strengthen family bonds

Under the epidemic situation of COVID-19, this is a tough time but it is also a chance to enhance your family bonds. You will have more time to spend with your family. During your backyard camping, you can have a great talk with your partner and your kids. It will be awesome that your family can set up the tent together, look at stars on a summer night and sing your favourite songs after a great BBQ dinner. Camping in the backyard is an idea that brings you and your family closer together. It is true that the family that spends time together is the healthiest family.

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