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5 Tips That Make Camper Trailer Setup Easy

5 Tips That Make Camper Trailer Setup Easy

Setting up Star Vision Camper Trailers

Camping is a great way to explore Australia. Exploring the amazing outback, experiencing nature at its finest with nothing but you, your trailer and the open road results in a lifetime of memories.

Just until the last decade, camper trailers came with basic pieces of equipment that made the whole set up all the more difficult. Today, however, camper trailers come in elaborate designs that make set up easy and make the whole camping experience more enjoyable.

It can be frustrating to arrive at a campsite tired from hours of driving just to face problems with setting up your camper trailer. While many camper trailers today feature all kinds of mod cons that make your getaway easy and comfortable, there are some tricks and tips you can follow to make the entire setup process simple.

Here are the 5 Tips that makes your camper Trailer setup easy:

Enhance zip grip with strings:

For hard to reach top zips and awning eyelets, attach them with a tent guide wire. This will allow you to close the zip with just a quick tug instead of fumbling for small zipper pull tabs.

Remember, attach strings to all your zippers before extending your tent poles. If you don’t prefer using string, you can also thread wires through the eyelets to create a small loop. This loop can be hooked with a tentpole.

Use air to clean:

Remove the need for taking cleaning equipment, brushes and dustpans by carrying compressed air. It is a great way of not only keeping your surfaces and floors cleaned but to also easily and quickly inflate bike tires and air beds. It can also be used for blasting away spiderwebs, removing excess water from your camper trailer’s exterior and cleaning vents.

Keep your bed clean:

Whether your camper trailer has a hard or a soft floor, it ultimately ends up on the bed when it is closed. Any dirt or debris left on your floor will fall on your bed. You can avoid this by covering your bed with a tarp before closing your camper trailer.

If you want to make the process easier, you can use the PVC pipe attached to the bed and wrap the tarpaulin around it by just fixing a few screws through the eyelet. This way, you can just roll the tarpaulin over the bed before you close the camper trailer.

Access your awning anytime:

While stopping for coffee, tea or snacks, an awning can be very useful for setting up your portable chairs under its shade and enjoy your evening break. However, not many people know that you need not open the whole camper trailer to access its awning. It can be kept in place while you pack your trailer. You can just flip the awning over the main tent and pack it as normal. You can use a tentpole to flip the awning over the camper trailer. If the eyelets align properly with the main tent, you can fix the awning in place using snap lock key rings.

Make it glow and show:

You can make night time set up much easier by fixing glow lights or applying glow in the dark paint to your ropes and zippers. It also makes it easy to move in and out of your camper trailer if nature calls during the night. You can easily attach snap glow-sticks by the little eyelet at the top. Just run a small wire through the zip eyelet and through the glow stick’s eyelet to fix them together. You can also fix glow sticks along other ropes and guide wires.

Safety tip

Before you start your camping trip, it is a good practice to check all your gears beforehand. It does not matter if it is old, new, borrowed or picked from a second-hand shop, having a checklist helps a lot. It is also a good opportunity to check if all your camping gear is in working condition.

Camping is one of the best hobbies you can have in Australia. With so much to explore, you will need the best camping gear and trailers. Find the comfort of your home wherever you are with top of the line camper trailers and accessories at Star Vision. We have showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Visit now and get the best campers trailers and caravans at the best prices.

Call us on 1300 783 318 or visit our showrooms to learn more about our campers. Do you have any questions? Reach out to us online; we are excited to hear from you.

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